Terms and Conditions

Classes are taught by Cranbury School certified teachers and Little Owl certified teachers.

Fees for classes are used to support our cause of expanding STEAM knowledge throughout the community. Cranbury Center For STEAM is a non-profit organization and profits will be used to reinvest in STEAM programs.

All Cranbury School rules apply to our classes. All COVID prevention rules set by Cranbury School apply to these classes. Any students exhibiting cold symptoms will not be permitted to join the class. Parents are expected to monitor their students on a daily basis

All students are required to follow the 3Rs of Respect, Responsible and Ready behavior during our after school programs. The word Ready includes wearing proper attire at all times. Cranbury Center For STEAM reserves to the right to send any student exhibiting poor behavior to be sent to the Zoom waiting room or removed from the class.

Cranbury Center For STEAM reserves the right to ask students to leave a class without reimbursement if a student does not follow the 3 Rs during class or exhibits other poor behavior. When all students are respectful of the teacher and each other, we all benefit.

Parents/Guardians are required to complete, sign and return the workshops waiver and release of liability form to complete their registration.

Credit Card Processing

All payments are processed on Paypal website and none of your personal credit card information is ever entered into or saved onto Cranbury Center For STEAM’s website.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information including email address is used to collect information about the classes you purchase.

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